Values Are Vital

Values Are Vital | HeronBridge College | Top Performing Christian School| CaxtonAdvertorial-400x324 | Simon Says “Children in England don’t often stand-up and vacate a seat for an elderly person on public transport. They used to in my grandparents’ era, but this has been lost in time.”

Heronbridge High School Deputy Head, Simon Crane, wrote our first advertorial which will be appearing in the Fourways Review today, Wednesday 20 June 2018, and will feature every third week thereafter.

This is a first for the Caxton as HeronBridge College is the first school with whom they will be running this feature.

You are most welcome to read it online right now by clicking on this link and flip through to page 11, or collect your copy today from an outlet near you and go to page 11 for our first article entitled Values Are Vital.

Author: Admin - Candice Gibson