Preparatory Arts and Culture

The growth of a child never only occurs in a single facet of life, it requires the shaping of their minds, the building of their bodies and the expression of their souls. We believe that it is on stage where this expression can best be nurtured and developed.

The HeronBridge Prep Arts and Culture programme aims to expose children to a wide variety of the performing and fine arts within the school day. We believe that the beauty of the Arts is not just in their display or performance but in the sculpting of the craft and, therefore, we devote much time and attention to the development of individual talent and fundamental skills. Our offering includes classes of Art, Drama, Music, Dance and Instrumental – which range from the classical forms to the contemporary styles of each individual discipline.

We believe that God has uniquely gifted each child and we are determined ensure that your child’s talents and creativity will be unearthed, developed and displayed.

Steve Hicks
Arts & Culture