Preparatory Outreach

The aim of Outreach in our Preparatory School is to give our children a heart for others. To this end we engage in “hands-on” activities wherever practical. The purpose of this approach is to develop a deeper understanding in our kids of the true nature of giving, that is that giving is not necessarily a financial act but begins in the heart and is borne out of one’s own gifts and talents.

The Preparatory Outreach team is made up of students from Grade 3 to Grade 7, who participate once a week in reaching into local under-privileged communities (guided by the HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre) or supporting the staff of our school who are most in need as part of an Inreach programme.

While we believe it is wonderful to offer this opportunity to children who have a particular inclination towards these activities, we also believe that our nation will move forward faster if we can engender this heart in all of its citizens. Therefore, there are many various initiatives that take place in the classroom that underscore our Heart as a school and provide an opportunity for a greater number of children to be shaped in this approach to life.