Preparatory Academics

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Children are born eager to learn and it is our joy to keep this ‘wonder’ and ‘excitement’ alive as we develop the makings of a lifelong learner. Our Junior Preparatory aims to provide enriching experiences and exciting challenges that encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, in order to prepare children for the future and equip them to be able to face what lies ahead with determination and excitement.

Our child-focussed, multi-sensory approach to learning ensures that we are laying strong, solid foundations on which to build, fostering every child’s natural ability and desire to learn and grow all the while strengthening learning potential.

We are focused on the holistic development and wellbeing of every child and our programme provides opportunities to develop skills in all areas – academic, sport and cultural. Underpinning and interwoven into these are our solid social, emotional and spiritual programmes which seek to build and shape the character and heart of each individual.

The development of all these skills is integrated into every aspect of our curriculum but is also covered explicitly in specific subjects. In Exploration we seek to awaken each child’s fascination with knowledge and thinking. During Vocci Bambini children are taught to unearth their inner rhythm and tone through a structured and visible programme. We believe that strong physical development supports strong cognitive development and so during our Perceptual Motor Development lessons the children actively engage in a range of tasks designed to develop their auditory, visual and motor skills. Finally, our Godly Goal lessons bring the core of education to life in age-appropriate discussions – our children explore by whom they were made, why they were made and how these factors guide how they should live.

In the Junior Preparatory, we want our children to be curious discoverers, risk takers, explorers, creative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, independent, change makers, adventurers, hope bringers, courageous, kind individuals, who care deeply about others and the world around them. But, above all, we want them to be who they were created to be, with all of their heart, so that they can achieve their personal best for God’s glory.

Learner Support

God has taken His time to make each and every one of our children just the way in which He intended. Our aim is to draw out the very best God has placed in each child, as we seek to showcase their individual potential and support them where they may struggle. To this end, we have established a unique, unobtrusive and effective model to assist our children in embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with learning.

Our Educational Psychologist leads a team of onsite therapists and in-class Academic Support Specialists, in meeting each child individual needs. This team’s influence, in collaboration with class teachers, is focused on upholding our inclusive ethos, by supporting all children at all times. This aligns with our belief that every child experiences success and difficulties at certain points in their learning career, be it social, emotional and/or academic in nature.

We walk a special journey alongside each child, as they come to understand more about how they learn best, as well as their individual strengths and the areas in which they need to develop. We differentiate lessons and offer an extensive accommodations programme, so that content is accessible to all children within the classroom, and assessment results are truly reflective of a child’s abilities, irrespective of learning styles and needs.

Our Grade 1 and 2 programmes offer specialised, smaller ‘Bridging Classes’ that provide a space for children who need a little more scaffolding with the transition into formalised schooling. Whereas, from Grades 3 to 7, dedicated Academic Support Specialists rotate through all classes, providing extra assistance and lesson adaptations where necessary. These intentional measures coupled with our increasingly differentiated curriculum provides a context for our children where their ‘personal best’ is an achievable goal.


The majority of the school communication is done through our HeronBridge College app. Parents and pupils will have access to the app through a secured password. A school newsletter will be available bi-weekly. Incidental communication may be conveyed to you the via the HeronBridge College app, the homework diary or by separate letter. Please remember to keep us updated with your personal information (contact number, postal address, etc.) so that we can reach you in case of an emergency.