Pre-Preparatory Academics

Pre-Preparatory Academics | HeronBridge College | Top Performing Christian School| PP41-400x271 | “Curriculum happens when the child meets materials” (Gordon and Browne, Pg 384).

When defining what constitutes a Pre-Preparatory curriculum, I would like to believe that it is everything that happens in a day.

It is very different from a curriculum for older children, as it is;

  1. more concrete
  2. integrated
  3. interrelated
  4. comprehensive.

Young children are unique and need adults to care for them and teach them in ways that enhance all areas of their development, i.e. social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual. It also recognizes the vast amount of development that occurs in the early years of a child’s life and hence the need to explore, experience and discover different things in their immediate environment.

“A pre-preparatory curriculum is an organized framework that delineates the content that children are to learn, the process through which children achieve the identified curricular goals, what teachers do to help children achieve these goals and the context in which teaching and learning occur. ” (Bredenkamp and Rosegrant (1995).

So then content is what is being taught through our different themes. It reflects the interest, needs and experiences of the children, as well including the different concepts children should learn. These themes allow the teacher to plan related activities in all learning areas, so that the children can experience the theme in different ways. Process is an important aspect of learning as it shows us as teachers, the how of learning.

  1. How do they do things?
  2. How do they integrate with one another?
  3. How do they do this within the daily programme?Pre-Preparatory Academics | HeronBridge College | Top Performing Christian School| PP23-400x280 |

Play forms the basis for this process. The teacher is the decisive element in the classroom in that, she is the person who creates the curriculum, is well planned and provides suitable equipment for all children to reach the various outcomes. She also takes into account the individual learning needs and stages that the children are at. The teacher also takes into account that the children have different learning styles those being, visual, auditory or kinesthetics and instead of expecting the children to adjust, she herself makes adjustments to accommodate each child and this is why it is so crucial that teachers involved in early learning have an in depth knowledge and understanding of how a young child develops. In summary, she facilitates learning by using an integrated approach.

With this all being said, how does HeronBridge provide a suitable Pre-Preparatory Curriculum:

  1. Our curriculum is founded on strong Perceptual Motor Development skills, which form the foundation of learning to read, write and do mathematics
  2. Our programme, as it is referred to in the early childhood years , is set out in the form of adult guided activities, child initiated activities and routine.