Pre-Preparatory Welcome

It is indeed a privilege for me to introduce HeronBridge Pre-Preparatory to you. Over the years the teacher’s role in the Pre-Preparatory classroom has been defined in many ways and today thirty year old descriptions are still valid when defining the innumerable variety of tasks teachers have to perform. Teachers perform the role of part lecturer, storyteller, traffic director, conflict mediator, psychological diagnostician, custodian and file clerk, not to mention plumber, carpenter, poet and musician, as well as having degrees in training in psychology, medicine and sociology. This diversity is what makes teaching in the early years so appealing. If you thought that for one moment this list was complete we could include adult educator, parent resource facility, chief purchasing agent, treasurer, personal director and so on.

The nature of teaching in the early years is unlike that of any other age group. Play forms the foundation of any good Pre-Preparatory programme:

To deprive your child the right to play is to deprive him of the right to learn.

Play is the essence of creativity in children throughout the world; it is universal and knows no national or cultural boundaries. Educators and psychologists have called play a reflection of the child’s growth. It is a self-satisfying activity through which children gain control and come to understand life.

In a play rich environment the children will learn about themselves; Learn what words to use when asking for something; How to climb a jungle gym; What a secondary colour is; How to read a recipe; How to be a friend; Play helps children define who they are and involves singing, creative activities, fantasy play; sharing.

Play is therefore the cornerstone of learning, the foundation from which children venture forth to investigate and test. Curriculum takes on expression through play; teachers plan curriculum that includes play as a medium for learning and as children grow they integrate and assimilate their play experiences. What starts out as play and sheer fun is transformed into learning experiences.

We believe that through a play based programme we meet and develop a whole child, a child who is Physically, Emotionally, Cognitively, Socially and Spiritually ready to face and meet the challenges of formal learning.

At our Pre-Preparatory Open Day on Saturday 9 June at 8:00am (click here to book your spot), we are looking forward to introducing you to some of the exciting new features and focal points in process such as our Special Fantasy Play Area, Mud Kitchen, Sensory Gardens, etc. You will receive a warm welcome from Mrs Glynis Courtney, Pre-Preparatory Head, who will introduce you to our Pre-Preparatory. Thereafter you are welcome to tour our Pre-Preparatory campus.

Yours sincerely

Glynis Courtney
Pre-Preparatory Head

Most of what I really need to know about life and how to live, and what to do, and how to be, I learned in pre-school – Robert Fulgham