Parents Consultative Forum

What is the Parents Consultative Forum?

The Parents Consultative Forum (PCF) is a body of parents which both represents the interests of the parents as key stakeholders and “clients” of HeronBridge College, and facilitates consultation by the College with the parents on key matters. The body is electronically nominated and elected on an annual basis.

What is the role of the PCF?

  • To be consulted by the school in order to provide parents perspective on aspects of strategic direction (e.g. planned capex priorities) and change initiatives which could be controversial or could cause unhappiness, etc. The intention is not to impose on the management of the schools business, but to provide input where it can add value.
  • To consult/engage the school on common issues and complaints arising from parents. The PCF is NOT a complaints forum nor is it there to fight individual parent issues. Any issue raised relating to the following is automatically a PCF Issue: where the safety or wellness of the children is concerned; where the ethos or reputation of the school could be compromised; on policy issues affecting the general standard of education or the standard of co-curricular programmes.
  • To support the school in communicating or explaining its intentions and standpoint on issues having been involved in consultation on these issues.

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The PCF operates as a body dealing with issues common across all schools but with specific members representing each of the schools. The members elected for 2019 are:Parents Consultative Forum | HeronBridge College | Top Performing Christian School| PCF-Organogram-2019-1-800x565 |
A good rapport has developed between the PCF and College Management and the value of the Forum is becoming increasingly evident. Feel free to contact the PCF on or through any of the members mentioned above.