HeronBridge Online

Dear HBC Families, 

As most of you know, following the National Address on the 15th March 2020. President Ramaphosa called for all schools to close as of Wednesday, 18th March 2020 until after the Easter Weekend. 

Despite closing our physical campus from Tuesday, 17th March 2020, HeronBridge College will remain open. We will not stop educating our pupils, we are just going to do it offsite, online. 

We already have the tools we need to roll out online learning with immediate effect. 

For years we have run Digi-Days in the College where the pupils work online for the day doing schoolwork provided by the teachers. They learn to manage their time and complete the workload during the course of the day. 

Last year, our Prep school launched their HeronBridge X programme. These are online learning classes aimed at specific children’s individual needs all working through Google Classroom. 

Each Pre-Prep pupil will be given an ‘activity pack’ containing all materials required to complete the activities that they would have done at school, at home. The teachers will send through 2-3 activities per day via Whatsapp for the children to complete. A lot of the learning at this age is repetitive and will be revisited when the teaching becomes school-based again. This programme will include the Colourstrings music programme, Playball, Six Bricks, and Clamber Club for each specific grade. 

We are busy working through age specific Activity Schedules which we will make available to all our pupils. There will be weekly schedules that they can follow in order to get outside and keep fit. Our coaches will also be available via email should you have any questions or requests. 

Our Head’s have prepared a detailed communication letter included below to our parents, but we felt that it was important to give you a general idea of how each school is going to operate going forward. 

Please see below a message from each of the Heads:

A message from the Pre-Preparatory Head – Wendy Beyneveldt
A message from the Preparatory Head – JP Lubbe
A message from the College Head – Keith Wilke
A message from the Executive Head – Tim Irving
Mr Irving thanks the HeronBridge Community for all their support and encouragement – 20 March 2020