Student Leadership

Our Councillors are a democratically elected body who are primarily responsible for the general esprit de corps in the school and for promoting the ‘making school cool’ concept by creating various fun events and exciting initiatives for the pupils.

They also create an awareness in the general school body of the importance of servant hood by initiating an ‘Annual Outreach All Schools Project’. Last year the school was involved in the Mellon Housing Project where they were instrumental in the building of houses for people in Tembisa. This year the project embraced the ‘Stop Hunger Now’ initiative packing wholesome meals for people in need.

The Councillors reflect the caring culture of the school by arranging a well-organized Grade 8 Orientation programme in order to make the Grade 8’s feel part of the HeronBridge family and explain various aspects of the school to them. War Cries and Pep Rallies are arranged to motivate our teams and to unite the school with a common goal to perform well in the upcoming event. The Councillor Assemblies are always keenly anticipated by the pupils as they are fun, topical and relevant to the teenager of today.

Other things include: the Valentine’s Ball, Christmas function and the Fourways Garden Valentine’s function are some of the other events that the Councillors arrange for the whole school and at times, the wider community. The Fourways Gardens Function is so popular with the community that it has become an annual event.

The Blazer and HBooc are amazing avenues developed by the Councillors that give the school population an opportunity communicate with each other and make comment on various issues using technology. Breaks are hyped up with the introduction of music and fun events which happen in the Canteen area. It is not unusual to witness pupils dancing, singing and entertainment of guests from other schools in the Canteen Quad.

The Councillors have made a huge impact on the general “Gees” as they call it of the school. The anticipation for their assemblies and the willingness of the school to chant war cries at maximum volume is testament to their success.

The Councillors for 2019:

From Left to Right: Scott McGill, Karl Schler, Cameron Cundill, Andani Siala (Head Boy), Stefano Paulo (Deputy Head Boy), Liam Stilwell, Matthew Kauzil & Donovan Commandeur.

From Left to Right: Eden Peterkin, Shannon Hyslop, Jenna Ritchie, Kylah Dalgleish (Deputy Head Girl), Donnella Le Roux (Head Girl), Jenna Titmus, Kiera Beukes & Clara Fourie.