College Sport

In the last few years our co-curricular activities have grown in leaps and bounds.

Pupils are encouraged to partake in as many co-curricular activities as possible, and pupils are required to be involved in at least one activity per term or season.

The following sporting activities are on offer during the course of the year;

  1. Action Netball
  2. Adventure Club
  3. Athletics
  4. Basketball
  5. Cricket
  6. Equestrian
  7. First Aid
  8. Golf
  9. Hockey
  10. Mountain Biking
  11. Netball
  12. Open Water Swimming
  13. Rock Climbing
  14. Rugby
  15. Running Club
  16. Swimming
  17. Summer League Hockey
  18. Tennis
  19. Volleyball

In the last few years our sporting achievements have grown immensely.  The HeronBridge Sports Complex comprises Hockey Astro, Rugby Fields, Volleyball, Netball and Tennis Courts. We take part in sporting tours on a national basis.

Offered in tandem with our sporting programme are the following cultural activities;

  1. Chess
  2. Community Service
  3. Debating
  4. Drama – House Plays, Major Production, Eisteddfod
  5. MDC – Matric Dance Committee
  6. Outreach
  7. Photographic Society
  8. Public Speaking – English & Afrikaans
  9. TradeMark (Christian Groups)
  10. Vocal Ensemble

We hold an annual Major Production, and are very competitive in public speaking and debating, winning many regional trophies for our participation.