Rise Against Hunger

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Rise Against Hunger is a wonderful organization that has as its goal to dent the huge problem of pre-school children that do not get a decent meal every day.

We have partnered with Rise Against Hunger (RAH) for the past 8 years and HBC; currently on a daily basis, provides a healthy meal for just over 700 pre-school children in our surrounding communities.

These are children from schools that are associated with the HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre (HTRC) and have gone through or are busy with their training and Level 4 and Level 5 qualification. HBC raises the funds, alternately in the Prep school and the College every year through various fundraisers and Grade Projects and then we, as a school package the meals over 2 days. Each class comes down in their grades and has an opportunity to pack the meals consisting of; dehydrated vegetables, rice, soya, and a vitamin sachet. It is a lot of hard work, but also really fun for each of our students, who have raised the funds to be involved in the packaging of these meals, and know exactly where each box of 36 packs goes to once packaged.

Then each month the Outreach Department with HTRC staff delivers the 28 boxes to the relevant schools on the feeding programme. Each year our target amount to raise is R140 000.00 to be able to pack 40 000 meals. 

Partnering with RAH enables us to give expression to our Outreach philosophy, in practically showing each of our students the full circle of assisting in a real and significant way. We do this through our relationship with HTRC and their ministry. Each of the schools receiving food support from HBC, we have a relationship with and are able to continually mentor. It is wonderful for our students to see the fruit of their efforts and know the profound impact they are having in our communities by assisting with this most basic and massive need in the pre-schools we assist.