High School Outreach

We have a Research and Development Centre on the property where our students help out and often assist in the training. The students also visit disadvantaged nursery schools and do gross motor skills with the students there. This is an extremely giving co-curricular activity and our students line up to be part of the teams.

HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre

The HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre, endeavours to educate, train and mentor teachers in our surrounding previously disadvantaged communities. The centre is responsible for the training of 26 pre-school teachers from disadvantaged areas in our immediate community. This Wits accredited program runs over a 24 month period with in-service training and site visits. The teachers represent 22 pre-schools.

Outreach is a co-curricular activity and three days a week pupils assist at the HT&RC and go weekly in teams to the pre-schools associated with the centre.

Mompati Learning Centre

The Mompati Early Learning Centre was being run in a shack in the informal sector of Diepsloot. Sinah, the lady running the school, graduated in 2011 from the HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre after her two year Wits certificated course. She has done amazing work with her children despite huge challenges.

Our goal was to build a three classroom steel structure with insulated panels and roof. The building took place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th June. Our volunteers from both the Grades 8 and 9 were taken by bus to the site. The Friday team built the school and on the 16th we spent most of our time preparing the inside of the classrooms to ready it for school on the Monday. Part of the project was to resource the school with the basics; tables, chairs, carpet, curtains, educational wall murals, shelves, educational toys and books.

Smile Kids

One of our partner schools, Smile Kids, is situated in Diepsloot, less than 5km from HeronBridge College and is run by a passionate teacher, Brenda, who is currently teaching 50 children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old in a small converted garage.

In 2011 between 25 and 35 HeronBridge students volunteered, giving up their public holiday to serve Brenda and her 60 pre-school children by building them a brand new pre-school. We left on both days of work with full hearts, knowing that this precious group of people would have 3 separate insulated, inviting classrooms to learn in as opposed to a converted garage. This means that for the first time, Brenda can cater for the age-specific needs of her Grade 00, Grade 0 and Grade R children in separate classrooms.

Rise Against Hunger

Previously known as ‘Stop Hunger Now’. Every year across campus HeronBridge College supports the Rise Against Hunger initiative, to view more details please review the below letter for 2018.

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