Christian Culture

HeronBridge College prides itself on living out Christian principles. We aim to create significant learning opportunities and influence the lives of our pupils who are involved in these activities. To this end we have decided to create a process in the College that meets these objectives.

We meet our objectives through school ministry, an extensive outreach programme, community upliftment programmes and mission trips.

Outreach at HeronBridge College

HeronBridge College has spent much time refining the way we do Outreach, and are really proud of our significant Outreach programme. Our philosophy and approach are centred around how we can work as one school towards projects which are long- lasting and which are focused on deep investment through relationship with our local communities.

We have asked the questions of how we create real change and help in areas which are really important to the community. We wish to deeply honour and respect our local communities and at the same time allow our pupils to have their hearts softened for community and the real needs of our country. We say ‘no’ to many charity projects and requests, so as we can say ‘yes’ to the projects we work alongside, and have been working with for a number of years.

Through partnership, relationship and mentoring we really have seen the progress we have been able to make in key areas, and we are excited that every student from Pre- Prep level right up until Matric will have an experience of Outreach whether they choose this as a co- curricular or not. They will get to encounter our heart and philosophy around Outreach and what it means to serve in their school career at HBC.

HeronBridge College has a significant Outreach footprint and much emphasis is placed on this area of our school life. HBC has partnered with three entities that allows us at HBC to give our pupils a very real and ongoing experience of engaging with our local community.