High School Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the High School section of this website. The high school years are arguably the most dynamic period in life. Our pupils enter the College as children and leave it as young adults, ready for the challenges of life. Ours is the privilege of guiding them through this most important transitional period and of sharing their joys as they establish themselves firmly. Should we be able to serve your particular family in this way, we shall entertain gladly an inquiry from you.

This website will provide you with all the information you require regarding our High School. It will become clear to you, as you read it, that we promote a holistic approach to life as regards full development in the adolescent years. Consequently, you will read of us in terms of academic, sporting, cultural, leadership, social and spiritual activities. We excel in all these spheres and are not shy to boast of our achievements! Our pupils are encouraged to participate across the board, for the sake of their own personal growth and the good of the whole.

There are a few emphases that are vital to our ethos:

  • A focus on Academics, for this is ultimately what school is about. Our results over the years speak for themselves in terms of IEB standards, University entrance and preparation for life. We emphasise the use of current digital technology in both learning and teaching.
  • Outreach and Mission trips, of which the former are local and the latter national and international. These activities express best the Christian ethos of the College and our commitment to community service. Our pupils are involved weekly in Pre-Primary schools of the local area through an Outreach Club and, in their school holidays, travel on missions to the Eastern Cape, Mozambique and Zambia. Every second year we utilise the entire High School over two day periods to build houses in Tembisa, in conjunction with the Mellon Housing Initiative. In the alternate years we involve all in packing meals for Stop Hunger Now. Our Grade 8 and 9’s build small pre-primary schools, 1-3 classrooms in size, in Diepsloot each year.
  • Making School Cool is a theme that pervades all we do as we seek to ensure school is an enjoyable experience for our pupils. This incorporates the constant use of cell phones for messages, a reward programme called HBucks, a canteen, dj presented music at breaks and various fun activities led by the Councillors.
  • TradeMark is an annual evangelistic week run in the High School by the youth pastors of local churches. It is generally a fun-filled week with the serious intent of providing seminars for discussing Christianity.
  • The co-curricular programme is full and varied. It provides options throughout so that pupils can choose each what suits their own particular talents best. We prize involvement by all but seek to be as competitive as possible. Our reputation has grown remarkably quickly and we now challenge deliberately schools bigger than ours.
  • A growing Past Pupils Association provides for ongoing contact with our own as they forge ahead in life. The value of this is seen in their interest in the College and their participation in past pupil activities, including mission trips. You will read of all these in the various sections to come. We trust you will enjoy doing so and be sufficiently intrigued to arrange a visit to our lovely school.

Yours sincerely

Keith Wilke
High School Head

2020 High School Admissions

We still have a few places available for 2020 (Grade 8-12). Please contact our Admissions Team to make an appointment to come through and visit the school. We look forward to showing you around this incredible school that consistently produces children who not only excel in the classroom, on the stage or on the sports field but in life as well.

While we do have Open Mornings every Tuesday at 09:00, we’re always available to meet with parents who aren’t able to make the Open Mornings.

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