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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the College. The College years are arguably the most dynamic period in a young person’s life. Our pupils enter the College as children and they leave as young adults, fully prepared for the challenges of life ahead.  As teachers it is our privilege to guide them through this most important transitional period.

This website will provide you with all the information you require regarding our College. It will become clear to you, as you read on, that we promote a holistic approach to life as regards the full development of children through these delicate adolescent years.

Our focus is on a broad blend of academic, sporting, cultural, leadership, social and spiritual activities. We excel in all these spheres and we take pride in providing a culture of excellence in all areas.  Our pupils are encouraged to participate across the board, for the sake of their own personal growth and the good of the whole.

Vital to our ethos are the following:

  • A strong focus on Academics, while at the same time understanding that this is just one piece of the education puzzle. Our results over the years speak for themselves in terms of IEB standards, University entrance and preparation for life. We emphasise critical thinking, entrepreneurship and problem solving, and technology is embraced when it enhances the learning experience.
  • Outreach and Mission trips, of which the former are local and the latter national and cross borders. These activities best express the Christian ethos of the College and our commitment to community service. Our pupils are involved weekly in Pre-Primary schools in the local area through an Outreach Club and, in their school holidays, the Grade 11’s travel on mission trips to the Eastern Cape, Lesotho, KZN and Zambia every year. We run feeding schemes into our partner schools where we are currently feeding 700 children every day, and every year our students are involved in upgrading school facilities in our local community.
  • TradeMark is an annual evangelistic week, run in the College by our chaplaincy team and the youth pastors of local churches. It is generally a fun-filled week with the serious intent of providing seminars for discussing Christianity among our young people.
  • Our co-curricular programme is full and varied. It provides options throughout so that pupils can choose whatever suits their own particular talents best. We prize involvement by all, but seek to be as competitive as possible – the latter being evident in our performance in the various leagues and the number of area, provincial and national selections that we provide.
  • A growing HeronBridge Alumni provides for ongoing contact with our own, as they forge ahead in life and we value our past-pupil relationships tremendously.
  • In the last few years, terms like “whole child” and “social-emotional learning” have become buzzwords. The mental wellness of pupils and staff has become a focal point. This commitment to enable a child emotionally and socially allows us to reach outside the traditional roles of a school.  When it comes to Social and Emotional Learning, HeronBridge is leading the way with a comprehensive SEL programme and Grade Tutors who understand that education is so much more than matric results.

We trust that you will enjoy perusing our website further and that you will be sufficiently intrigued to arrange a visit to our lovely school.

Yours sincerely

Keith Wilke (BEd)

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