Bus Rules and Regulations 2020

2020 Bus Discipline and Warning System

This is a reminder that we have a zero tolerance for misbehaviour on our buses. According to the HeronBridge Bus Contract and Application, if a pupil misbehaves on the bus the following actions will be taken:

I.          Misdemeanour 1: A verbal warning will be given by the appropriate Head. Parents will be notified when a warning has been given.

II.         Misdemeanour 2: A written warning will be given by the appropriate Head and this must be signed by the parent and returned to the school. (Head)

III.        Misdemeanour 3: The pupil will be removed from the bus for the remainder of the term and he/she may not use the bus for the following term. Please note that bus fees will not be refunded for the affected term(s).

All bus issues bus must be reported to the school immediately via e-mail: rmasimbira@heronbridge.co.za

Bus Cards / Bus Tickets

All children are required to have their bus cards/tickets on them whenever they utilise the bus. Changing of bus stops is not allowed without prior arrangement/approval by the bus management. The driver reserves the right to disallow a pupil who is not registered for a particular stop to take the bus for which he/she is not registered.

Bus driver responsibility

The school bus driver’s primary responsibility is to safely transport students to and from school including school trips. All pupils are required to respect and obey the driver’s instructions at all times. The driver has authority to instruct pupils as necessary in issues such as emergency situations and sitting arrangements in the bus.

Bus Registration and Cancellation

You are also reminded that if your child is registered as a “permanent” bus user, according to the HeronBridge Bus Contract and Application, this arrangement is in place for the whole year.  However, should you wish to stop using the bus service, a full term’s notice must be given in writing by e-mailing rmasimbira@heronbridge.co.za.

Lost Property

While every effort will be taken to ensure all lost property is returned, it remains the responsibility of the children to look after their belongings. HeronBridge College will not be held responsible for lost or damage to property.