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  • Note: Some stops are not available at certain times. Refer to the Proposed Bus Schedule for 2020 Click here.
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  • In my capacity as parent/guardian of the child/ren listed above, request that a bus ticket be issued to my child/ren for 2020, and request that my school account be debited accordingly.

    I undertake to give the college a term notice should i wish to cancel this services, failing which, the billing will continue for the following term. To cancel the bus service you are required to give a term's notice. Should you cancel the bus mid-term you will be liable for the bus fees for the remainder of the term.

    I hereby indemnify and absolve HeronBridge College from any responsibility regarding loss of or damage to any property, or any injury to the said pupil/s from the time he/she leaves home for the bus trip until he/she returns home.

    I acknowledge that the College expects all children to behave appropriately on the bus and should my child not behave appropriately, the following action will be taken:

    • Misdemeanour 1: A verbal warning will be given from the appropriate Head.
    • Misdemeanour 2: A written warning will be given from the appropriate Head which must be signed by the parent and returned to the school.
    • Misdemeanour 3: The pupil will be removed from the bus for the remainder of the term and for the following term. Fees will not be refunded for the remainder of that term.

    I hereby designate the Head of the College / Preparatory school or anyone appointed by him to act in loco parentis on my behalf, and, should it be necessary, to procure medical or other assistance on my behalf and at my expense.