Bus Information 2020

Bus Route Timetable

The HeronBridge bus service offers a number of morning and afternoon routes. Bus routes are subject to change depending on demand, but information will be constantly updated. This service will run from the first day of each term. Please refer to the attached timetable for route information.

Bus Application

Application and indemnity forms are available from all school reception offices. Alternatively online application forms can be completed online here. The indemnity form is to be completed at the beginning of each year and is applicable for the full 2020 year.

Bus cards are issued upon completion of the application form and indemnity and must be shown to the driver on every trip.

To simplify administration, pupils are required to register for the whole year, but can give a term’s notice and return their bus card at the end of the term if they don’t wish to use the bus the following term.

The termly charge for the bus will be billed over three months. Accounts will be debited on 2nd February, March, April (1st term), 2nd May, June, July (2nd term) and 2nd Sep, Oct, Nov (3rd term).

There will be three different rates for bus fares in 2020, depending on the distance travelled. The fares will be as follows:

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** Casual tickets cannot be used on morning routes as these buses run to capacity.
** If you use a combination of a shorter stop and a medium stop, you will be charged for a medium stop.


  • The minimum period for which a pupil can register for the bus is ONE TERM.
  • Although there is no initial charge for the bus card, there will be a R90.00 charge to replace a lost bus card.
  • Casual (once off) tickets will be available from the College or Prep Reception offices at a cost of R100.00 per one-way trip, or R800.00 for a book of 10 tickets.

The Bus Card System

Each pupil wishing to use the bus must present the driver with a bus card that will display his/her name and photograph or once off ticket. This will display his/her name and photograph. The card must be shown to the driver on every trip.

Lost Property

The driver will keep lost property left on the bus to be collected the next morning. Anything not collected will be returned to the school’s lost property depot.


  • The bus will always display the HeronBridge College logo except the Eastern Morning Route which is serviced by a contracted bus company – Bus 2000.
  • The drivers each have a mobile phone, so that we can contact them.
  • The bus will leave promptly each day.
  • If your child misses the afternoon bus, he/she may go to the school office to phone home and make arrangements to be collected from school.
  • Please ensure you are at the stop before the scheduled time as the bus drivers operate on a very tight schedule and cannot wait for you. The onus will be on you to arrange with your child where he/she should wait if you are not at the stop in time.
  • The driver and allocated bus monitors are in charge of the pupils on the bus and they are to listen to their instructions at all times, especially in the case of a breakdown.
  • Children are required to remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
  • The times of the routes are subject to change should it be deemed necessary.
  • The EARLY afternoon buses will depart at 13h50 and 15h10. The LATE afternoon bus will depart from the College premises at 16h30 and drive through to the Sports Complex, departing this pick up point at 16h30. Please note that there will be no 16h30 bus on a Friday.
  • For bus emergencies, please contact the Transport Manager: Mr Richmond Masimbira 078 801 1492 (HeronBridge College Cellphone)

Both the early and the late afternoon trips (yellow and blue) service the same areas, but the early trip is shorter to enable the drivers to return in time for the late trips. The final trips on Fridays at 15h10 will follow the long route.

Co-curricular activities in both the Preparatory School and College are vital in our provision of a balanced educational programme. All pupils are expected to participate according to their interests and abilities. Pupils will not be excused from participating because of booking on the 13h50 or 15h10 trips.

The afternoon trips cannot and do not take into account the time required for official matches, either at home or away. Alternative arrangements will need to be made by parents in these circumstances.