Award Recognition


The HeronBridge College Achievement Awards were introduced to acknowledge and recognise exceptional achievements in our co-curricular disciplines.

The criteria are deliberately strict in order to maintain the integrity and the level of the award. All recipients have to subscribe to the school code of conduct and the various codes that apply to each activity. Team achievements recognise outstanding achievement for teams of three or more

All learners are eligible for these awards, which are divided into two categories:

HeronBridge Recognition Certificate

Recreational and Outside activities – facilitated and run outside of the formal school co-curricular structure.

Please note that should a child be involved in an activity that is offered by HeronBridge, but they do not participate in that activity under the HeronBridge banner, they will only be eligible for a recognition certificate, and not a HeronBridge Achievement award.

HeronBridge Achievement Award – Badge

Awarded to School activities and codes operated and managed by school Co-curricular Departments. The awards comprise three levels of achievement;

1. Bronze Award

2. Silver Award

3. Gold Award

The badge is to be worn as part of the school uniform and reflects the highest achievement of that individual in that code. The award is valid for one full calendar year from the time of presentation. Thereafter, the badge will remain the property of the recipient but may no longer be displayed on the uniform.

Coaches Awards

Further to these Achievement Awards, we also seek to recognise the true values of sport, that is the life lessons and personal development it unearths. To this end, coaches are tasked at not only developing integrity, honour, dedication and grit on the sports field but profiling these traits by identifying them in the children and awarding accordingly.