Senior Preparatory

At HeronBridge we work within the framework of the National Curriculum Statement.  We strive to provide our pupils with an education that is relevant to them and the ever changing world that they live in. Our pupils are nurtured and encouraged to maximise their individual potential and achieve their personal best in each subject on offer.  

We strive to create a positive work ethic in our pupils in order to develop young people who are confident, independent and responsible learners who have a love of learning.  Our teachers take a personal interest in each child. We also have a special needs centre and children who require additional support either academically or emotionally are catered for. 

In the Senior Primary Phase we offer a more formalised learning environment, class teaching still occurs at a Grade Four level. In Grade Five learners remain with their homeroom teachers for the core subjects viz. English, Afrikaans and Mathematics and are introduced to specialist teachers for the Cultural subjects. In Grades Six and Seven our pupils are exposed to subject specialist teaching.  

We offer a holistic curriculum covering a wide range of subjects: English, Afrikaans (IsiZulu is offered on a co-curricular level), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Life Orientation, Physical Education, EMS, Design and Technology, Art, Drama, Music (Grades 4 – 6) and Bible Education. We extend the classroom beyond the walls of our property and our pupils are taken on excursions, theatre visits and tours. Where possible we invite guest speakers into our lessons. 

We encourage our pupils to develop creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, research and study skills. We place an emphasis on technology and have two fully equipped computer labs. Our pupils are taught relevant computer skills and use these in lessons across the curriculum in keeping up with the latest trends in education.  Each classroom is equipped with a projector, internet access and mimio board.  In the Senior Primary Phase we are equipping the children with the skills they require for a successful High School career.

We strive to achieve academic excellence and monitor our progress by writing National and International Benchmarking Assessments.  We have an award system in place and our pupils receive recognition for their academic achievements. 

Our teachers regularly attend conferences, workshops and courses in order to keep up with the latest educational developments. 

We are an unashamedly Christian school and offer a values based education.  We emphasise a sense of community and have a well-developed outreach programme in place.

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