Junior Preparatory

Following the excellent foundation set in Grade R, our Grade One children enter formal education where the focus is on developing fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills. In order to make learning relevant, an integrated curriculum is followed throughout this phase. We follow a comprehensive, multifaceted Literacy programme, which incorporates international best practice. Language is central to learning and consequently reading, written and oral skills are promoted within this programme in order to develop creative and critical thinkers who can read fluently and communicate confidently both verbally and non verbally.

Children today need to be equipped to participate in an increasingly numerical world and therefore it is crucial for the learners in this phase to gain a strong foundation in basic numeracy. The teaching of Mathematics is integrated with other learning areas and the children are required to apply their numerical understanding to real life situations in order to develop sound problem solving skills.

Our Life Skills curriculum provides the context for the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and consists of;

  1. Life Orientation (including Bible Education)
  2. Natural Sciences
  3. Social Sciences.

Arts and Culture comprises of Drama, Music and Visual Arts lessons which are taught by specialised teachers. Regular physical activity forms a vital part of the curriculum and in the early years of Grade One and Two, an Integrated Day serves as an excellent introduction to the various sport’s codes.

By the end of Grade Three our learners have experienced a creative and well balanced curriculum which adequately prepares them to apply their learnt skills to all learning areas offered in the Intermediate Phase.