Preparatory Welcome

The mighty oak tree is grown from the tiniest of acorns, the tallest of towers are built upon a few key foundation stones and the greatest minds develop from the simplest of children’s games. Each of us has been wired with a very specific set of genes – a set that, if nurtured and developed correctly, is intended to greatly impact our world. At HeronBridge College, we believe that God has gifted all children wonderfully and differently and our duty, as educators, is to mould these talents to realise their fullest potential.

As a youngster, school was not something that grabbed me, it was a means to an end… and that end was sport. Yet, the thought of having the opportunity to take someone that God has poured His soul into and grow them to realise their full potential, excites me greatly and is the reason I love education. The privilege and responsibility that this brings is humbling, and yet as I look around at my colleagues, I realise that it is invigorating too. HeronBridge College staff revel in the chance to breed confidence, self-belief and integrity in each child that passes through their hands.

Education’s chief objective is to prepare our children for the next step in their journey, ultimately preparing them for their future and the challenges and joys that this future will hold. While our results within a classroom, on the stage and on the sports field are excellent, we do not see these achievements as our goal, instead as a by-product of our approach.  Rather, our goal is to use these opportunities, both within and without the classroom, to ensure that each of our children will be ready for their future, able to fully utilise all the gifts that God has placed inside of them and understand better who God is to them.

We look forward to walking this journey with you and your family.

Yours sincerely

JP Lubbe (BA Hons, PGCE)

EveryDay is OpenDay

We still have a few places available for 2020. Please contact our Admissions Team to make an appointment to come through and visit the school. We look forward to introducing you to some of our exciting features and focal points within our beautiful campus.

While EveryDay is OpenDay at HeronBridge College, we’re always available to meet with parents who aren’t able to make the Open Mornings.

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