Preparatory Head

J-P Lübbe

Grade 1 - Grade 7
The mighty oak tree is grown from the tiniest of acorns, the tallest of towers are built upon a few key foundation stones and the greatest minds develop from the simplest of children’s games. Each of us have been wired with a very specific set of genes – a set that, if nurtured and developed correctly, are intended to greatly impact our world. At HeronBridge, we believe that God has gifted all children wonderfully and differently and that our duty, as educators, is to mould these talents to realise their fullest potential.
As a youngster, school was not something that grabbed me, it was a means to an end…and that end was sport. Yet, the thought of having the opportunity to take someone that God has poured His soul into and grow them to realise their full potential excites me greatly and is the reason I love education. The privilege and responsibility that this brings is humbling and yet as I look around at my colleagues, I realise that it is invigorating too. HeronBridge staff revel in the chance to breed confidence and self-belief in each child that passes through their hands.
This approach has produced children who not only excel in the classroom, on the stage or on the sports field but in life as well. Our results are comparable with the best schools in the independent sector but most importantly, our results are achieved by happy, confident and well-rounded children.
We would love the opportunity to help your child find out all that God has put inside of them.
Mr J-P Lübbe