Preparatory Co-Curricular


HeronBridge Preparatory strongly believes in developing and nurturing each element of a child. To this end, we have created a co-curricular programme which aims at not only improving a child’s physical development but also, by using the vehicles of sport and culture, developing an emotionally balanced and mentally robust child.

Preparatory Co-Curricular Activities.

The following sporting activities are on offer during the course of the year.


Athletics (Gr 3 - 7) Mountain Biking (Gr 4 - 7)
Cricket (Gr 3 - 7) Netball (Gr 3 - 7)
Cross Country (Gr 3 - 7) Rock Climbing (Gr 3 - 7)
Equestrian (Gr 3 - 7) Rugby (Gr 6 - 7)
Football (Gr 3 - 7) Softball (Gr 3 - 7)
Golf (Gr 3 - 7) Swimming (Gr 3 - 7)
Hockey (Gr 3 - 7) Tennis (Gr 3 - 7)

Equestrian riders are selected to represent HeronBridge College at Inter-School events.

Offered in tandem with our sporting programme are the following cultural activities:
Art & Crafts Computers
Chess Drama
Choir IsiZulu

Many Independent Schools have agreed to expose their Grade 1 and 2 learners to as wide a variety of sport a possible but do not engage in competitive sport at this young age. HeronBridge Preparatory agrees with this position and consequently offers each of the abovementioned sports to the Grade 1 and 2 learners as part of their regular school day. This allows the learners to be exposed to a diversity of sports and lays a solid foundation for their future years of competitive sport.