Grievance Procedure


Open Door Policy and General Communication

Parents are welcome at all times to make appointments to discuss concerns they may have. Kindly phone the College office to make appointments with the relevant staff at mutually agreeabletimes.

In the High School it is preferable that issues are first resolved at the Grade Tutor level. Should this not be possible, parents are invited to contact the Deputy or Head as the case may be. Grade 8 and 9 matters are handled by the Deputy Head and Grade 10 -12 by the Head.

In the Preparatory School it is preferable that issues are resolved at the class teacher level. Should this not be possible, parents are welcome to contact the Grade Head. If issues are still not resolved, contact should then be made with the Deputy Head or Head, as the case may be.

In the Pre-Preparatory School it is preferable that issues are resolved at the class teacher level. Should this not be possible, parents are welcome to contact the Head.

Should the issues still be unresolved, and the amicable resolution of a parent’s grievance no longer be possible, the following formal procedure is recommended for parents to follow:

  • Complete the grievance document below in order to facilitate further action on the part of the school.
  • Submit the document to the Head as soon as possible.
  • Make yourself available for an enquiry into the complaint, or a meeting with a member of the management of the school or the Head.
  • Should the complaint prove to be intractable, reserve your right to remove your child from the school ? in the best interests of your child and the school. This action, however, will in no way negate your obligations in terms of the Contract of Enrolment.
  • The parent should complete the first sections of the Grievance Form that requests a range of information that will enable the school to follow up on the grievance.
  • The Head will then initiate an investigation of the parent’s grievance, and take the appropriate steps to attempt to resolve the grievance, in the interests of the school and the learner / parent.
  • Should the grievance not be resolved to the satisfaction of the parent, a more formal process of reconciliation / mediation will be set up to bring the matter to conclusion.
  • Whilst parents may not agree with every decision by the school, in most cases, the parent and school will find enough common ground to continue a mutually respectful relationship. In the extreme case, however, an impasse may be so severe that both the parent and the school should consider whether another school would be a better match for the family.
  • Should the breakdown in the relationship between the school and parents (or the learner) be considered to be irreparable, or should the school and the parents be unable to agree on a positive way forward to resolve the impasse, the Head may need to consider instituting cautionary measures against the parents and/or even revoking the Contract of Enrolment.

Please note that it is the sincere intention of the management of the school to take all grievances seriously, to investigate them fully and to resolve them as quickly as possible in the interests of the learners and family affected, and of the school itself.

To that end, the school would like to appeal to parents submitting the grievance to be realistic in their expectations in terms of how the grievance could be resolved.

To be completed by the parent:

Name of Learner: Grade of Learner:
Name of Parent: Date of joining school:
Names of staff involved in grievance:

The Grievance . Define the grievance (in specific terms) try to restrict your comments to the issues and facts involved. Detail the incident/s relating to the grievance (specify the names of staff/learners involved in the incidents, and the dates of specific incidents, if such incidents leading up to the grievance spanned a period of time). Detail any previous actions taken by you to resolve the problems leading up to the grievance name any members of staff you may have approached and the time-frame when this happened.