Fees & Administration 2017

Click here to download the pdf version of the General Information 2017, Administration, Fees and Billing letter. 


1. Introduction We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new families to HeronBridge College. We trust that your time with us will be happy and fulfilling. 

In order to assist parents (new and existing) with planning for 2017, we set out below details of our school fees, the education levy, a brief summary of our billing methods, and general administrative information. More detailed information will be available at the Registration Days on 14th or 16th January 2017, from the relevant school reception offices or from the School Communicator throughout the year (please download the School Communicator - www.heronbridgecollege.co.za - click on the link at the bottom of the webpage). 

This letter has been prepared to address questions frequently asked by parents. Should you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

2. School fees 2017
Below is a schedule of school fees for 2017


3. Registration fee
A non-refundable registration fee of R450 is payable with all new registrations and waiting list applications. 

4. Refundable deposit and annual deposit top-up
In terms of the enrolment contract, a deposit equal to one term’s fee is payable to secure a place. This deposit will be increased annually in January of each year so that at all times it is equal to one term’s fee. This annual increase is referred to as the “deposit top-up”. 

Statements will be sent out early in December detailing the top-up amount. Payment of the deposit top-up must be made before Registration Day in January of each year. 

At the end of a learner’s final term at HeronBridge (provided the requisite notice has been given) the full amount of the deposit held at that date will be credited to the fees’ account and the credit balance on the account refunded. 

5. Education Levy
From 2012 all compulsory grade specific charges are covered by an Education Levy calculated per grade. This levy is closely controlled and monitored, and will be for the benefit of all children in that grade during the year. The levy or part thereof is non-refundable, should a child not participate in any planned outing or event covered by the levy. Full details on how the levy is calculated and what is covered, are available on request from the schools. The 2017 levy amounts are set out below:



School specific queries should be addressed to the relevant school – telephone (011) 540-4800.