Mission Trips


The focus for our Grade 11’s is on voluntary mission trips. This year 16 of our grade 11’s participated in a mission trip to Xai-Xai. The genuine impact in their lives has been humbling to see. We were hosted by Mark Harper at Bethel Centre. This is a Youth for Christ centre that is being developed on the outskirts of Xai-Xai. We were engaged in various aspects of the daily programme of a number of pre-schools in villages in the area. We also offered support to the Youth for Christ programme they are running in Xai-Xai for teenagers from the community. We worked for 5 days and had the Sunday off after a morning service.


We served a Christian mission in Beit Bridge town and Sukwe (a rural village) in Zimbabwe. This work has been on-going for a number of years. We camped at a campsite just across the border in Beit Bridge and worked at the mission orphanage close by. We assisted in erecting a solid wall on two sides to complete the security of the orphanage. The team also prepared and developed a vegetable garden which is used to feed the orphans. While part of the team worked the other team members played constructive gross motor games with the children after school. We then travelled to Sukwe for a night where we engaged with a local primary school and also an adult literacy program. This is rural Zimbabwe and we camped in a local resident’s homestead.


Earlier in 2012, on the 29th of June, we departed from Johannesburg. We took two days to get to our destination, crossed three borders (Botswana, Namibia and into Zambia via the Katima Mulilo border post) and returned 8 July 2012. For more on our trip please click on the video link.

Ntsika – Eastern Cape

The Grade 11’s have the opportunity to go on a local mission trip to Ntsika in the Easter Cape. This trip includes outreach activities in schools that are in need of better facilities. The students spend their time fixing classrooms, blackboards, tables and bathrooms. They also socialize with the students of the school and help them with school projects and homework.