Community Upliftment

Lesedi Outreach

The Lesedi OutReach Project offers support and learning to nearly 200 children every week on the HeronBridge College Campus. We are so proud to be associated with this work, and are continually humbled by the far-reaching impact this ministry has on each individual who attends, their futures, their families and their communities.

Recently, a company called Rapid Blue (Pty) Ltd came alongside Lesedi and filmed, edited and produced an AWESOME video pro bono. This video beautifully captures the essence of what Lesedi is all about.

Please watch the link below. Visit the website if you would like more information about how you can help to support this work.

Mellon Housing Initiative

In 2011, as an entire school together, we were involved in a single project: building houses in Tembisa. The Mellon Housing Initiative (a non-profit organization) has a continual building programme. We were divided into 20 teams of 10 each on each day and we joined their professional teams to assist with their building. We were privileged to see the houses we were involved with building being handed over to their new owners. This is a genuine community project, one that touched our own hearts as much as the house recipients’.

Grade 8 & 9 Build 2014:

Rise Against Hunger

You may well be aware of the Rise Against Hunger initiative, in which Primedia and Radio 702 involved themselves in 2011 instead of a Christmas lunch and to great acclaim.

Rise Against Hunger provided the equipment and raw material necessary for packaging thousands of meals. Each meal cost R2.00 and each packet contained 6 such meals. The meals consist of rice, soya mince, dehydrated vegetables, seasoning and, vitamins and minerals.

The beauty of this initiative is that, in addition to all pupils and staff working together in a fun way doing something significant, we ourselves have been distributing the food parcels afterwards to the 16 schools that are associated with our HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre. These 16 pre-schools have no feeding scheme currently and our ongoing goal each year is to package enough meals to meet their needs each year.

Upward Sport

Every year High School pupils assist as coaches and host a 7 day soccer and netball clinic geared to Preparatory school children.

This is one of those opportunities where it is difficult to determine who gains more, the High School student coaches, or the young ones under their care.

Upward sports 2015:

Upward sports 2013:

Upward 2012 Launch: