Bus Terms & Conditions Policy

HeronBridge College – Bus Users Policy

The Bus Users Policy has been put in place to assist the College in providing a safe and efficient bus service for students. These rules are to be obeyed by all bus users. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, and if misconduct continues, the student may be suspended from using the College bus service.

Operational Requirements

Parents who wish to apply for a seat on the HeronBridge Bus for transport to and from school must fill out an Application and Indemnity form which is available from the College Offices or from the College’s website, online application forms can be completed online here.

As seats become available, they will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list. This also applies for additional children of existing families and for people moving house. Pupils will be issued with a bus ticket which they are required to show to the bus driver on every trip.

Pupils are to be at their particular stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled bus time to allow for variation in traffic conditions as well as to ensure the safety of the children. Parents of very young children are requested to be waiting at the bus stop to collect their children unless a responsible older child accompanies them.

Parental Responsibility and Pupil Safety

Parents are responsible for the safety of their children whilst they wait at the collection points and immediately prior to boarding school transport vehicles each morning. They assume that responsibility again at the moment their children leave the school transport vehicle following the afternoon journey. It is advisable that parents wait at their children’s drop off point and accompany them across the road if necessary as neither the authority nor the transport operator are responsible for the child’s safety after they have disembarked from the bus. Parents have a duty to read through the code of conduct with their child and explain its importance and consequences for not adhering to it.

Bus Driver Responsibility

The driver’s primary job is to operate the bus safely. All pupils are required to respect and obey the driver’s instructions at all times. The driver has sole responsibility of all the pupils in the bus during the journey.

Pupil Responsibility

Pupils should understand and adhere to the Bus rules. Persistent misbehaviour may result in expulsion from the school bus service. It is the responsibility of students to disembark at their correct designated stops as specified in the bus application form.

Seat Belts

All school transport vehicles are fitted with seat belts. Pupils are required to wear seat belts at all times.

Bus Rules

Before the School Journey

  • Please ensure that you are at the pick-up point before the bus is due to stop.
  • Wait in an orderly, courteous and calm manner.
  • Keep away from the kerb and well clear of other traffic.
  • Only board the bus when it is stationary.
  • Parents are to remain with the pupil until he/she has safely entered the bus.

During the School Journey

  • Treat the drivers with respect and follow their instructions.
  • Remain seated and always use the seatbelt provided.
  • Do not distract the driver, except in an emergency.
  • Do not open the emergency exits unless in an emergency.
  • Treat other pupils with care and respect and not bully other pupils.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Do not drop any litter.
  • Do not throw any objects in the bus or outside bus widows.
  • Do not vandalise the vehicle or the property of others. If damage to the bus has been reported, the parents or guardians may have to pay for the damage caused.
  • If the bus breaks down or is in an accident, you should follow the driver’s instructions and stay with the bus until another one arrives.
  • If you see other pupils behaving inappropriately tell the driver or your teacher or school head.

At the End of the Journey

  • Ensure that you have collected all your belongings from the luggage compartment.
  • Check if your parent/guardian is waiting for you at the collection point and immediately notify the driver if they are not waiting.
  • If you need to cross the road, only do so once the bus has moved off and the road is clear in both directions so you can see other vehicles and the drivers can see you.

(A summary of the above rules is displayed on all school buses)

Penalty Guidelines for infringement of bus rules

1st Infringement: 
A verbal warning by the Head of the School and that a written warning will be issued for next offence.

2nd Infringement:
Written warning by the Head of the School and that expulsion from the bus service will follow for next offence. A written warning is valid for a full academic year after which it falls away.

3rd Infringement: 
A pupil will be expelled off the bus for the whole academic year for a third offence.

(Students infringing the rules in the code of conduct below will also be required to make restitution for any damage cause by the violation of those rules.)

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