Arts and Culture

HOD: Arts & Culture

Izelle Le Roux (Meyburgh)

Welcome to the Arts and Culture Department!  I am Izelle Le Roux and I’m truly blessed to say that I have been running the Creative Department since the beginning of 2013.

My role this year is not only to build this part of our school to reach new heights, but also to uncover the many talents of our wonderful children and their teachers.

In the past I have seen how peoples’ lives have been transformed when they find something that they are great at.  I’ve seen little boys who have never been socially accepted all of a sudden become stars in the eyes of their teachers and peers just because they learnt how to play a guitar.  I’ve seen how their whole attitude and appearance change just because they found a purpose in life.  This is why we’re here.  This is the main aim of our Department:  to give children the opportunity to use their talents for something bigger than just themselves and to have a purpose to aim towards.

There are many new and wonderful things that have been happening since the start of 2013.  We have appointed new Music Specialists who teach a variety of instruments, we have new music rooms that have been built with the purpose of expanding our Department and there are many exciting changes to the Creative Calendar that will take place throughout this year.  So, please keep in touch and keep an eye on the School Communicator.  Take out the blankets, travelling mugs filled with steaming hot chocolate and your most comfy fold-up chair and get your children, family and even the grandparents ready to travel to this beautiful school for a year filled with Art, Drama, Singing and Dancing!

We are very excited to announce that for this year’s Major Production we will be doing the amazing adventures of ROBIN HOOD!


External Competitions

HeronBridge is fully supportive of the NEA, National Eisteddfod Academy and will recognise all achievements as long as your child is representing HeronBridge College.


National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) 2016

The National Eisteddfod is one of the highlights of our annual Preparatory calendar. The NEA provides our learners with the opportunity of performing in front of an external audience, whilst bieng formally adjudicated in the disciplines of Drama, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Instrumental Music.


Information to follow.


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Information to follow.

Visual Arts

Information to follow.

South African Championships For Performing Arts

Each year, HeronBridge College is represented by a small group of learners at the South African Championships for Performing Arts in Rustenburg. These learners have always demonstrated exceptional perseverance and discipline in preparing for this competition and have attained a high level of achievement.


Information to follow.


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Information to follow.


Celebration of Talent

Celebration Of Talent Variety Show 2016

This event aims to showcase the co-curricular activities offered at the prep school, as well as our top achievers in the disciplines of Drama, Vocal Music, Dance and Instrumental Music. Learners are afforded the opportunity of demonstrating their skills on a stage in front of an audience. Participation in this event is by invitation only and invitations are extended to the learners who have attained the highest level of achievement in each discipline.


Music Concerts

Information coming soon

Major Production

Our next Major Production in the Preparatory School will be held in 2016. 

Every two years, the Prep Arts and Culture department embarks on the presentation of a major production.

The production involves a cast of over 50 Learners and will no doubt be a memorable experience for each and every person involved.

The 2016 Major Production was based on ROBIN HOOD

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition 2016

Our annual art exhibition is held in the third term in order to display some of the work created during the course of the year. Works on exibit are selected from both the classroom and Art and Craft clubs according to how accurately they comply with the brief of the given task. This will be the moment where everything comes together, where all the hard work will pay off and where we will show the world what we are made of. Some of our Music Specialists will also be showing off their talents and inspire the young ones to aim higher.


The line-up for this week will be announced soon.



In the second term of the year we hosted an internal eisteddfod where everyone was welcome to enter.  We brought the Arts to our school and wanted to show off the talent that we have here in our very own beautifully built Baobab Auditorium.

Since we are doing everything with heart, we deemed it fit that our eisteddfod would also run with this theme but in our very own creative way, we made our hearts shine like stars by using the many talents that has been given to us by our Creator.

The categories for HeronBridge heArtists were as follows:

  • Art (Theme: tba)
    • Printing
    • Collage
    • Sculpture
    • Painting
    • Drawing
  • Dance
    • Jazz and Contemporary
    • Ballet
    • Modern
    • Traditional
  • Drama
    • Dramatic Monologue
    • Comedic Monologue
    • Scenes (2-4 people)
    • Mini Play / 1 acts (5 or more people)
  • Instrumental
    • Classical
    • Contemporary
  • Singing
    • Classical
    • Contemporary

Children are only allowed to enter a total of three items excluding the big group performances, e.g. choir, scenes and plays.

The entries open at the beginning of the second term and the eisteddfod.