Secondary schooling is divided into two components: the GET (General Education and Training) and the FET (Further Education and Training). The GET consists of Grades 8 and 9, the FET Grades 10, 11 and 12. The final exit qualification comes at the end of the Grade 12 year in the writing of a public examination, the National Senior Certificate, under the auspices of the Independent Examination Board (IEB). 

The GET has a set curriculum, without choices. 

Eight learning areas are covered: Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Technology, Arts and Culture, Economic and Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Life Orientation. 

Subject choices are available in the FET. The course comprises 7 subjects, 4 of which are compulsory: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation. 

Thereafter 3 subjects are chosen, in our case from Biology, Physical Science, Accounting, Art, Geography, History, Computer Studies and EGD (Engineering and Graphic Design).
Essentially, HeronBridge College presents a broad academically oriented curriculum and serves mainly those who intend to pursue tertiary studies. 

Our academic staff are highly qualified and continual professional development is emphasised. Pupils are encouraged to develop a sound work ethic and small class sizes allow for individual attention. Academic Support is available to pupils in every subject. 

Subject Choice 

Based on the fact that we aim to prepare all of our students for tertiary education, our subject set consists of those subjects that we believe will best ensure success in future studies. 

Grade 10 - 12 Compulsory Subjects at Jan 2018 Grade 10 – 12 Optional Subjects at Jan 2018
English First Language Life Science
Afrikaans First Additional Language Physical Science
Mathematics – or History
Mathematical Literacy Geography
Life Orientation Art
  Computer IT (Information Technology) – or
  AP Mathematics
  Engineering & Graphic Design (EGD)