What curriculum is on offer?

HeronBridge presently subscribes to the National Curriculum Statement and its associated Outcomes Based Approach. HeronBridge Pre-Preparatory’s passion for early childhood development places an emphasis on the importance of play and perceptual motor skills, setting the scene for active and effective learning in the formal schooling years.


Computer centres in the Preparatory school and the College provide the pupils with modern technology and readily available research facilities. Beyond their formal instruction in computer literacy, the children may use the spacious media centre to study and complete assignments. Sporting activities involve the teams in inter-school leagues, whilst an energetic Arts and Culture Department brings HeronBridge College enviable repute across the region.

The co-curricular programme balances a tension between competitive practice and participation by all pupils.

In the Foundation Phase, Grade One and Two children enjoy the “Integrated Day” wherein all their co-curricular activities are timetabled for them. Through the programme they are exposed to a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities. Competitive participation begins at the age of nine and continues through to the final year of school.

The Independent Examination Board sets the benchmark for our school leavers’ certification. All key learning areas are extensively covered through a comprehensive and progressional curriculum, with a focus on higher order thinking skills and problem solving.

The subjects on offer include

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Art, Drama, Music, Computer Studies, Design and Technology, Social Sciences (History and Geography), Natural Sciences (Biology and Physical Science), Bible Education, Physical Education and Life Orientation.

What is on offer beyond the classroom?

With variation allowed to accommodate different age groups, a typical week in the life of a pupil could include: boarding the school bus to get to or from school; periods of independent study and research assignments; completing homework at the aftercare; a practice session, match or league event related to any one or more of the main co-curricular activities:

Cricket, tennis, netball, hockey, football, swimming, rugby, athletics, cross country, golf, equestrian league, volleyball, mountain biking, rock climbing, rehearsals for a major production, choir practice, entry into Eisteddfod, specialised tuition in drama, computers, chess, modern dance, hip hop, ballet, photography, debating, public speaking, school excursions, leadership camps and outreach activities.

Why should I enrol?

To be associated with HeronBridge College is to enjoy an ethos and an environment conducive to the development of children in the present, and a culture that will impact their lives into the future.